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c o m i n g     s o o n   ! ! !


Welcome to the launch of my card collection!

Last year I came to truly appreciate the beauty of Dahlias from observing my parents grow their beautiful dahlia garden every year. This spring I ventured into growing my own Dahlias, a lengthy but well worth journey. I started 18 Dahlia plants from Tubers in my home in early spring, planting them outside when all was nice and warm. It was a journey that took patience, persistence and whole lot of love and dedication. I have found such a joy and love for these flowers for so many reasons, reasons that have moved me to create more flowerbeds to house more plants next year! Along the way I would admire each bloom, a ritual somewhat resembling an 80 year old plant lady trapped in a 42 year old body, talking to her plants every morning, afternoon and evening! I was in awe. And then I would harvest them and arrange them in the company with other flowers and greenery from our yard, and admire them some more. But not without a photo opportunity - always strings attached, right?! But it kept going from here. I would grow, harvest, arrange, photograph and then deliver arrangements to people in my life to share a part of my heart. This is what I fell.in.love.with. The joy of giving my heart. It's a slow process though, because it takes timing - time for new buds to unfold and mature, a crazy amount of persistence to hose off/pick off every aphid that threatened my babies from being their best blooms. It took watering just the right amount with the right fertilizer, only to worry that i did it all wrong and killed them when they took a 'break' from thriving. Then it was about celebrating that I didn't kill my flowers and enjoy the new burst of buds and blooms and bouquets. Naturally, I already ordered some more amazing varieties for next spring. 


It has been amazing to watch the process of plants coming alive. And it's been amazing to capture them through the lens and take this to a tangible product for you to enjoy!  I hope these cards find their way into your heart, as well as into the hearts of those that receive them.  Please take a journey through the different sets I have available for purchase and connect with me should you wish to place an order. 

I look forward to sharing yet another piece of my heart with you.